Your Story Matters

Too many people have bought into the lie that they have nothing to offer. The truth is “Your Story Matters” and it’s God’s desire for you to share your story . Stories of how He has delivered, comforted, healed, provided for you. Your story can encourage someone in the same situation and expose the lies of the enemy. (Revelations 12.11).

“I started listening to 93.3 around November because it was the key station that played Christmas music before December. Then I started hearing snippets from the Brant Hansen show, and I found myself listening more and more. I can truly say this station is uplifting and powerful. I’ve started to love myself more and realize how worthy of God’s love I am. I never identified as a Christian before, but I truly feel myself becoming more and more of believer.” – Brittany

Big Daddy Weave’s song “My Story” sums it up nicely. We encourage you to share your story on and let’s impact lives together. You can also call our comment line and record your story 513.587.6185

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