Spirit Song

Spirit Song 2018 Kings Island

Enter to win a pair of tickets for Spirit Song
Kings Island
June 21, 22, & 23rd



  • MercyMe
  • Big Daddy Weave
  • We Are Messengers


  • TobyMac
  • Rend Collective
  • Hollyn


  • For King & Country
  • Crowder
  • Zach Williams
  • John Crist

Spirit Song

  • Some contests require you to be at least 18 years of age.

  • A good number to contact you at in case we have a question regarding your prize.
  • STAR 93.3 will notify you by email if you win!
  • If you win, STAR 93.3 will mail your prize. (unless otherwise noted)

  • STAR 93.3 General Contest Rules

Comments 21

  1. I love the encouragement I get from listening to this station. It also seems that whenever I listen, I learn something that God is trying to relay to me

  2. Thank you for being of service! This station is the best and has uplifted my spirits through challenging times in my life. Especially this year has and is still teaching me to surrender to Gods Will and purpose. So therefore in the mornings I listen to this station to have the right mindset before I step outside my house and try to give back and lift someone else’s spirits! Thank you again!❤️

  3. 93.3 plugged in to all my vehicles. Once I get to far away I switch to the app and listen that way.

  4. The best part about 93.3 for me is hearing my kids sing along with the songs they hear and the questions and comments that follow.

  5. I would love to win tickets to this I have supported 93 3 for a long time this is the best station around it really is uplifting and encouraging keep up the great work

  6. I especially love Big Daddy Weave’s songs they say much to me & a friend treated to the movie about Mercy Me says so much about God’s great Love & forgiveness

  7. Hello, Just wondering if 15 & 14 year olds can sign up for this contest. My sister and I would love to go to spiritsong but didn’t see in the rules if we would be eligible to win. Thanks 🙂

  8. Love star 93.3 so uplifting and inspirational! If I’m having a bad day I can turn on your station and it always makes me feel better!

  9. I love Star 93.3. I have paid for several peoples meals at the drive thru. You are very inspiring. I’ve told several of my friends and neighbors about your channel and the drive thru experience. God sees. Bless you!!

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