Listener Stories

God's Great Gift is Love

Love STAR 93.3, I've a listener since 2003, after my Dad died. It's uplifting music that let's you know God cares. Love the Christmas music also!

Brighten my day!

Hi,I just wanted to share that I have been going through a really rough time and was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and also I had my first seizure 2 months ago. I have asked God so many time why me ? I was listening to depression music and feeling sorry for myself. When I happened to just run across the radio station trying to find music to listen to. I heard O'holly night by Josh Groban, and at that point I wiped my tears and smiled. I knew things would get better!

Angels Coat

My name is Stephen Bullimore, I am 15 yrs old and I was born with an esophagus mashed in my ribs.I have had 184 surgeries (no exaggeration) and I wanted to say that through all of them God has let me wear an angels coat to protect me all my life. I was supposed to die at 2 yrs old but I am the oldest surviving person with all of my problems. A man gave me a machine he had made for his late son so I could live on. I am forever grateful to this man and I wish I could thank him and God.

My Struggle

I am having trouble I don't know how to exspress my feelings anymore I feel like no one cares about me anymore I start to question do I matter to anyone any more please pray for me to get the strength I need and to help me feel loved and cared about.

You thought it was just a commercial

I just started listening to 93.3 over Christmas and submitted new listener information to the station a few weeks ago. For the past year we've been working through the court system to get custody of our granddaughter. It's been difficult and emotional and filled with ups and downs but through verses God has given me and faithful prayers of friends he kept reassuring me that he was in control and ensures justice.

New Door Opened

Delilah, my name is Harley. I am 19 years old and I recently got baptized. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. We probably had one of the hardest financial problems. He had a great job but I really didn't. It made a hardship. I decided to go to church one day with my grandparents. The preachers wife worked at a rest home and talked to me about applying where she works. 2 days after I had been baptized I got a call saying I had been hired.

Feeling Loved

I started listening to your station this morning and I have in the past, but life has been really tough lately. I work in an environment that is highly negative and lately it has made me question everything in my life and made me depressed. I have been feeling like quite the failure and I have felt all these old demons try to just ruin my life. Today it felt like the radio was made personally just for me. I have felt nothing but love and the stories of hope make me feel like I can face tomorrow.

Instant Answer

I was being persecuted by some girls for being a Christian at a party. When I asked God to forgive them he immediately responded and it was AWESOME!!

I Was Lost & Now I'm Found

I have a story that is wrought with disbelief. The moral is, I was in a unhappy spiral without God, and Love. I then met my boyfriend that set me on the path to God, and though things are far from easy I am happy. For the first time I have faith that all is good even when it's dark. For God only gives you what you can handle, which means he thinks much of me and mine. So these past few months have been a blessing and I thank God everyday.

God Sent An Angel

The other day my husband, my 3 children, and myself went to the Meijer in Eastgate. We picked up some things we needed for the house like shampoo, soap, diapers, etc...It was the day before pay day so I wrote a check hoping it wouldn't go through my bank until the next day. The check declined and we left everything there and walked out. We were almost to the car when a lady came out and yelled to my husband that the cashier had our things and that she had paid for our bill! God sent.

Self Harm

I moved to a new school in my 6th grade year, i began getting bullied it happend my whole middle school year. i'm now in 9th and its still happing. my only way to help was to turn to self harm. i would cut my self and carve words in my skin, i was baptized and said i would never do it again. but i did. i went to camp on 6/14/15 rill 6/19/15 on 6/15/15 i stood up and recommited my life to God! i have been 5 months clean. thanks to God coming into my life.