Listener Stories


I deal with chronic pain everyday and due to that there are times I physically just can not get to work. So do to that I struggle to just pay my rent and get groceries. I have been blessed that God has always provide for me. Each day on my way to work and coming home from work I listen to Star 93.3 it always reminds me God is there and will continue to always provide a way for me. One day I have faith God will heal my pain I have 24/7.

You Lifted My Spirit

I had been feeling low and disappointed when I received a letter from STAR 93.3 saying I had won passes to Spirit Song at Kings Island. My kids and I were ecstatic and my husband surprised. Soon after, I realized the tickets were for Thursday, which meant I would have to handle all 3 kids by myself and even worse- it was going to be rainy. My excitement reduced but fortunately I decided not to waste the tickets and guess what? We had a BLAST! Thank you STAR for being God's instrument of joy.

My World Didn't Fall Apart

I lost my mom on April 10th, 2015; 19 days before my 23rd birthday & less then 1 month before graduating college. Everything was incredibly sudden & unexpected. I was named executor of the estate & responsible for everything. I remember being in shock & then the panic set in. I hadn't even started my life yet & I was terrified. I grew up going to church off & on. I turned on 93.3 & "Just Be Held" was on & it gave me an incredible sense of peace & calm, in the same way Jesus does. Thank you.

Persuit to a new future

I have lived with epilepsy my whole entire life since I was 10-months old. I had severe grand-mal seizures and lost faith in myself. It was one of the hardest things to deal with. After being blessed by God and making it through my brain surgery, faith fell right into my arms. I never thought I would be behind the wheel of a vehicle or even out on my own with my own house. Being 27 I'm proud to say I've been blessed and on 8/12/16 it will be 2yrs since my last episode. I thank God, UC & Mayfield


I have been listening to STAR 93.3 for over a year. My son and I got baptised in Feb. I have seen such a difference in our lives. We went to a church camp and had an excellent experience and I was a cabin leader. I would recommend this to everyone it will give you a new outlook on God and His work in your life or atleast it has for me and my son. I want to do it again next summer. Thanks for having a uplifting station. I am very greatful for this station and GODS love for us

God Can Do The Impossible!

At 19 I was diagnosed with 2 rare cancers that we're growing together on my motor skills. I had a biopsy they removed a little and radiation shrunk it a bit, but was told it wouldn't ever go away. I had a man come to my house to pray for me and the Holy Spirit was all over me. I couldn't speak or move it's like I was paralyzed. God removed the cancer! God can do the impossible that everyone says can't be done. Keep your faith and trust in Him.

Stop concentrating on our wounds & look beyond them & SEE GOD MORE

I've just walked through the hardest point in my life, what I want to share is no matter the circumstance we are in or how long we feel the pain of it, financial, addiction, loss of a loved one, adultery, sickness, all of life's toughest moments that leave us stunned & in pain. We need to STOP concentrating on our wounds so much & concentrate more on GOD & how He is healing us through those wounds. Expect the long journey & know God will make beautiful out of what looks like ashes. Praise GOD

Work Mess

Thank STAR 93.3 for getting me through a very difficult time at work. At first I was being inspired and reminded to honor God in my thoughts and words and to keep my mouth shut so I did not lash back at my boss when he was treating me so poorly. Then the music and Bible verses in my pocket helped me through a very nasty resignation experience and now comforts me in the peace of having left a job I love but cannot continue doing there. So let's go, God and STAR 93.3! We have a new job to find!

Raised by Faith

Today I am a graduate! Because of God's amazing grace, a strong and healing community, and good orderly direction, I have earned a Bachelors of Science degree from U.C. and am now a Substance Abuse Counselor. Despite early misdiagnosis of mental retardation, later cancer episodes, loss of a loving wife, home foreclosure, job loss, and more, God raised me through it all. And, now I am ready to serve my savior Jesus in all ways needed. Thank you God, Jesus, and my new beautiful new wife "Nan.

Greatful for this station

Listening to STAR 93.3 has kept me strong! I was having really bad panic attacks. I would pray asking God to take it away and then 2 years ago I started listening to STAR 93.3. The music and the stories of others really helped me. I don't have panic attacks all the time now and God has been so good to me. I am very thankful for STAR 93.3. Thank you all for everything you do.

Ron Ward
God Still Moves

I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who struggled with sexual abuse, depression, suicide and the disease of addiction. I attempted suicide on April 23, 2013 and was in coma for 13 days and God brought me back from death. Today, I am the founder of Celebrating Restoration. I recall during my struggle with addiction listening to STAR 93.3 and God never failed to minister through songs such as "Redeemed" by Big Daddy Weave... God still moves today as He did yesterday...
Hebrews 13:8

How Star saved my life.

I am a new man because of God and your ministry in music. I was lost and alone. Yes I may have a girlfriend, now fiance, but I was alone. I was in the hospital watching my mom die. My family turned their back on me. I felt like I was at rock bottom. I was going to take my life. I heard "Hello My Name Is" by Chris Tomlin and I cried like never before. I want back to church, was re-baptized and now I am getting married next year. Thank you for saving my life.