Listener Stories


Hi, my name is Junelle. A few months ago I was having some problems with a co-worker and I started listening to you all again and it really made a difference in how I work with this person and the songs that I really needed to hear was always playing. It made it a lot easier to work with this person and now I want to thank everyone at Star 93.3 for the words of encouragement and reminding me that everyone can change with the grace of God now we work great together.

Depression and a song's help

I have depression and it affects me every day. I could not find much of any hope today. Normally I go to my two main Christian stations, but they weren't helping me in this darkness. Then, I switched it to Star 93.3 and "Home" by Chris Tomlin came on and thanks to that I am feeling a lot better than before.

Gods grace

On November 7th I woke up in a lot of pain. Was bleeding really badly. I called my fiance at work and told him that something was wrong with our baby. He couldn't leave work right away. So the whole day I spent time in the bathroom. Hoping and praying that the bleeding would stop. I asked God why was this happening. Why am I losing my baby? The lord then played a song on my radio called my will be done. I feel at that point God had a different plan for baby Paul.

Kidney Transplant

You just shared a story about kidney donations & how one person gave that inspired another. My husband has been battling an auto-immune disease called Scleroderma & it has attacked his organs including his kidneys. We just found out a week ago that a friend, co-worker & church family member is a perfect match for Darryl! Here is a link to the article:

Cancer Survivor – Thank You God!

When I was 2 years old I had Wilms tumor cancer and thought I was going to die. Then Jesus walked into my hospital room. I was really scared when I was a baby and it was scary for my entire family to watch me while I was in the hospital. I am a cancer survivor for 14 years now!

Joshua 1:9

I am currently serving on a crisis response team after a school shooting. I was feeling overwhelmed before I left and my pastor prayed Joshua 1:9 over me. When I got here Sunday, I was researching the area & found a facebook page with a post using Joshua 1:9. The room I am working out of here is affectionately called the "war room." Then this morning, I looked at the STAR 93.3 webpage, as I'm missing my mornings with you, and Joshua 1:9 is the encouraging thought of the day. Yes, Lord, I hear you!

How someones kindness blessed me

A year ago I was shopping at Walmart and a man walked up to me and asked if I was finding everything ok. I was a bit frustrated because I couldn't find the tv tray I wanted to buy. My son and a friend were with me. The man started looking for the tray and I was ready to give up... Then he asked if he could pay for my groceries. I was so happy! My friend kept saying he's an angel. Thank you!

Jedace's football battle

I was a senior in high school and it was the 5th football game of the year. We played Franklin County at home and our home field is only 5 minutes from a hospital with a heliport. During the game, I suffered a life-threatening brain injury. I was air cared to Cincinnati Children's hospital where the number one brain surgery team was on call & they found the bleed and repaired it. Thank you, Jesus.

lite in darkness

Several years ago I chose to change careers and began my life of working with people in my community with mental illness, drug and alcohol addictions, and extreme dysfunctions. My office is my car. Some days are mild, some are very hard. Each day is different. I have extreme highs and extreme lows. My clients are always with me and my job is to help them lead healthy stable lives despite their hurdles. It is not an easy job but one thing is strong and constant, your station. Thank you for that!

Greg Kelsey
God heals a man and walks without shots.

Over 10 years ago, I moved to Union, It. I called pain mgt centers and I began to get shots so I could walk again. In a short time, they said no more shots...I laid in bed for two days, I prayed and the next day God healed me and I could walk again!

We Started Listening

If it wasn't for my mom I would not know who God was.Ever since my mom became a believer in God we started listening to your radio station. Now every night I go to bed I have to turn the radio on because without the radio we can't go to sleep, and sometimes I'll listen to the sermon with my mom before I go to bed. The music and the sermons help me to do better because the words they say. How people overcome things in there life and it helps me a lot, that's my story.

He knows just how to surprise you

As I was driving down the street & thinking about the changes I needed to make in order to have a fulfilled life, I turned on the radio & 93.3 came on. The song playing was called Comeback & the man sang about falling down & getting back up exactly like I'm trying to do. Then the woman speaking commented, "Wasn't that a great song Mariah?" She said my name twice after that, almost in a jokingly knowing way. He couldn't have come at a better time or in a more amazing and eye opening way. LETGODIN