Listener Stories


Sometimes I don't have the words to express my feelings to God. Then, a song will play at the right time with the right lyrics. I love how I can use that song to speak to Jesus. I recently spent most of my days in a vehicle alone. I thank God for the inspirational and encouraging music and words of Star 93.3. They really helped me make it through a difficult time in my life. I am very grateful.
To God be the Glory!

Duanna Brown
Encouragement through the songs you play

It's not a story, but it's when I started listening to your program. The music is very encouraging. And when times I have gone through the battles, a song would come on the air, and it would confirm what God is saying to me.

Thank you for the encouragement. I want to do more for God.

I love art. I won't go to any detail, but God has been my Artist, I am drawing things I love to draw, and I thought of Taylor, here's a picture of what I drew: The Cross, Holy Spirit, etc.

My Favorite Christmas present

My favorite Christmas present was one I gave.
In 2005 my girlfriend spent Christmas with me. She had told me when she was a little girl she had always wanted a big, yellow dump truck for Christmas.
Her mother refused saying trucks are for boys.
We exchanged gifts and I gave her the truck last.
She opened it and burst into tears and cried for 10 minutes.
I taped it but can't watch it because I still love her even tho we are no longer together.
But it is still my best Christmas memory.

Scott Meeker
Influence on my kids

I just started a new appointment. On my first day, in my new office, there was a radio. I asked my youngest, who is 6, if he wanted me to turn the radio on and he said "Yes! We can put on Star 93.3". Thanks for being a great inspiration and influence to my family!

Thank you

I never wanted to pray to God for fear of bothering him with my minimal problems, so I prayed to his Angels. In just the last six months I’ve been listening to your station, I think of God now as my true father & the Blessed Mary as my true mother. Your station & listeners made me realize God does love us! Thank you with all my heart!

Tina Larntz
Healed of Autism

Hi. My name is Tina Larntz. I'm a 27 year old woman who God healed of Autism last year. I struggled with both physical and mental difficulties ever since I was nine years old. But after reading in God's Word that He bore my sicknesses, I began to take His words daily believing it was mine and haven't had a single symptom ever since. To all those who listen to Star 93.3, I encourage you not to lose hope. The Word of God contains His will for our healing, and will work for all who use it.

about my life

I just became a new member on here, and I love the music that's been playing. I have been listening to you on my radio in my bedroom, and I sing along with the music that is playing. I enjoy this radio station. Star 93.3 it is very uplifting, and it helps with my depression, and it helps me get to know God better.


I am struggling with my divorce my husband filed for after 23 yrs of marriage. My faith was shaken but with Star 93.3 I have been encouraged and my faith restored. Thank you!!

Life Change

I received Christ almost four years ago watching a Bible class on TV talking about salvation, and a week later I was turning on the Radio to go to my favorite country station and then I came across your station and been listening to several songs that changed my life. Let me tell you guys out there, having a relationship with Jesus is the best thing you can ever do with your life and just listening to this station can help encourage you along the way. I have been listening ever since.

Rick Greene
Spiritworks A God Story Freedom From Addiction

Hi, my name is Rick Greene. I'm a 54-year-old married father with six boys. I've lived and Cincinnati my whole life I was an alcoholic and drug addict for 16 years, but God freed me 20 years ago. I must do my part to let my brothers and sisters know that we don't have to die an alcoholic or a drug addict. On April 29th, 2014 God used me to bless Marvin Gaye the Third with my kidney donation, son of legendary soul singer Marvin Gaye, this story got me an appearance on the 700 Club last year.

The Encouragement

I called in a few days ago to thank you guys for the radio station and everything that you do. It really does have an impact on me and many others as well, I am sure. I just wanted to say, growing up as a kid I honestly didn't think I would be where I am today. I taught myself how to play the guitar, and I loved singing. Now after listening to Star 93.3, I was encouraged to sing for God and use my talent for God at church and anywhere I can. So I want to say thank you! I love you guys.

Why we give

My wife and I have been monthly givers for about a year and a half or so, we always wanted to give but didn't know where the extra money would come from. God laid on my heart to look at our TV choices, so we got rid of our tv provider and am able to give and have not regretted it one minute! Love all of you guys! Brant and Sherry crack me up and Taylor's uplifting comments and Julie and the new girl Teresa