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STAR 93.3 is proud to partner with Liberia this Summer. With each $50 gift to STAR 93.3, you’ll provide hope and encouragement to so many listeners in the Tri-State. Plus, you’ll also help to Empower and to provide Hope to young women and girls in Liberia!

The History of Liberia:  The effects of the civil war in Liberia, West Africa:

Liberia, West Africa is a country that was formed in the early 1800’s by freed slaves returning to Africa from the USA. Between 1989 and 2003 Liberia went through one of Africa’s bloodiest civil wars. The country’s population was 3.5 million, out of which over 300,000 people were killed or died due to the struggle. Additionally, close to 1 million people were displaced as a result. The devastation set the country back significantly, and destroyed what little infrastructure had been in place. Today 85% of the population live below the international poverty level; and Liberia is considered to be the second poorest country in the world.

The Problem:  Many children are abandoned and alone.

After the Liberian civil crisis, it was glaring that war had its toll on several thousands of children whose parents were killed or were abandoned as the result of the civil crisis. The most vulnerable among them were young girls. These beautiful little angels roamed the streets trying to find food, and begging for an opportunity to go to school.  Because of this, many are vulnerable and at risk for sex trafficking.

The Solution – Transformation Girls’ Home:  10 years ago, Pillar of Fire Ministries, Liberia – established a safe-haven for young girls and women, to escape the horrors of living on the street.  An orphanage home called the Transformation Girls’ Home.

What can you do to help?

The Transformation Girls’ Home provides safe and healthy meals, clean clothes, and an education. (Something many girls in Africa may never have the chance to experience.) But most of all, they teach and provide the life-saving and loving Hope only found in Jesus.   With every $50 gift, you’ll help STAR 93.3 continue to provide Hope and encouragement to listeners in the Tri-State; plus, you’ll also help to Empower and to provide Hope to young women and girls in Liberia!

YOU can be a part of changing lives!

Join STAR 93.3 July 18th -21st for the Summer Share; or you can get involved and help listeners in our community, and young women and girls in Liberia right now; for just $50.  Call STAR 93.3 at 888-542-9393 or click on the ‘give’ button.  Thank you!