Share Love with STAR 93.3!

What is #ShareLove?

The STAR 93.3 #ShareLove Movement is a way we can be deliberate with our kindness and change lives in this city, maybe around the world, by sharing love like Jesus! It’s a simple way to bless our friends, family, and neighbors through acts of love.

Sharing love can be as simple as buying someone’s coffee, meal, groceries, gas, leaving a note of encouragement, volunteering, praying for people, or, it could be BIGGER!!! Like paying for someone’s rent or donating a car. Whatever God puts on your heart. Ask yourself, How can I #ShareLove with someone today? Then take action!

STAR 93.3 & LifeCenter are committed to the #ShareLove Movement in Cincinnati. We are actively using our time and resources to bless this beautiful community we serve. And, we need your help! Let’s get out there and #ShareLove together! ❤️

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