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My sister and her daughters are in need of urgent prayer. The oldest is a teenager and refusing to do chores or anything that is asked of her. She has been acting out and manipulating her parents (they are divorced and both remarried). My niece tried to get my sister arrested for slapping her and taking her phone and watch. The police came and told her that her mother is allowed to discipline her including slapping her, as she did not leave marks and did not take the girls away or give them to their father who was waiting in the driveway trying to take them. The officer advised that they would remain with their mother because her visitation with them was still in force and she did nothing wrong. When the girls went back to their fathers, the stepmother, and father called child services, and filed for a protection order. My sister did not get to see the younger daughter for her birthday or call her because she is not to have contact because of her ex-spouse and his wife. She loves her children very much and is a believer in Jesus. Her ex-husband and his wife have pulled many stunts over the years, such as taking the children out of the country, use parental alienation and many other manipulative things with the girls and my sister. Satan is hard at work and my sister does not want to lose her children or live in fear that if she takes their devices or occasional smack that she is going to be in trouble with the law or go through periods of not seeing her children. My oldest niece has been acting out for a while but this was the worst she behaved. Her stepmother is also dropping her off to her boyfriend's home without even knowing anything about him, meeting him or his family or even knowing who is truly at this home. That is another prayer request, as my niece could be in very serious danger, no one knows anything about these people at all, they have never met any of them. The whole situation is a mess and horrible. Children should not be in charge of themselves and parents should not allow them to manipulate or use them as pawns to harm the other parent. No one wins in that situation but satan. I ask all of you to pray for peace, justice and the families for healing and for all to live for the Lord and stop using the kids as pawns and manipulations.

Received: February 2, 2020

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