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Hurting & Devastated

Please pray for me. My husband left me for his employee. He claims to be a born-again Christian. He also was very cruel, vile and mean- especially once he met her- and turned abusive to try and get me to leave him. Even though he's blissfully happy with her (she left her husband for him) and his Christian company condones the relationship, he is out for revenge because I did not drop the domestic abuse charges against him. He made it clear he hates me and the divorce I've filed is all my fault. It's only drawn him and his mistress closer together. He is planning to take the house and the children next. Please pray- I am so heartbroken and I have lost so much due to his sin & selfishness. He's lied to everyone to the point that they believe his a "hero" in his new relationship. I've lost friends, my church and now stand to lose my house and kids. All for this one woman! Please pray he is humbled, remorseful and that God blesses me for my faithfulness. I was a terrific wife and I do not understand why he never saw that. Pray too that the entire truth comes out & all that is in darkness comes to the light.

Received: May 10, 2019

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