We prayed for God to help our daughter... 🙏

A story inspired by Pamela

Hi, I'm Pamela. My daughter was in a severe car accident. Air-cared to UC hospital, the doctors didn't expect her to live. It was a hard time for us all. We prayed and asked God to reveal her future and relieve us of having to make any decisions.  

STAR 93.3 helped me put my feelings into words for my daughter, during the many drives from home to UC hospital. This station gave me hope for my daughter's future.  

She has made an amazing recovery! Truly a miracle of God. 🙌 Even her physicians said, "this was a miracle!"Since those drives, my husband now listens every day, and so do all of my daughters. STAR 93.3 and its music has helped get us through the most challenging time of our lives. Thank you.

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