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Driving to work can be tough. It can feel lonely. During the commute, I can become vulnerable to anxiety, stress, and worry. Maybe you can relate...

When alone, it's easy to be anxious about all the things you want to achieve but don't have enough time. You can get stressed over the environment and things you don't have control over. Like traffic or people at work. Then there's the worry. How or will things ever get better for you, your family. But, thank God, I found a way to be uplifted, instead of discouraged.

STAR 93.3 has helped encourage me for the past two years! I've replaced those negative thoughts with positive music and talk from their DJs. This station has had a massive impact on my life. Now I smile, laugh, and praise God while driving to work.

Yes, I am now a STAR 93.3 Partner! I love knowing that I am helping uplift other people in the city, as I have been uplifted.

Thank you STAR 93.3 and everyone who is helping support this station.

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