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Joel Smallbone introduces himself to restaurant servers

Do you feel like you value people…Like you genuinely value others? I mean, we all want-to be valued ourselves, right? But what do we do for other people, to let them know that they matter? My name’s Julie Pierce, and Joel Smallbone, of the band for King & Country, has got me thinking about that. He’s got a reasonably simple way for us to do better at this, and I believe you’re going to wonder if maybe you could be “brave” enough to try it too!

Joel Smallbone Introduces Himself to Restaurant Servers

I’ve done something very interesting lately at restaurants, that I never used to do before because when I’m at the table, I have a job to do. I’m going to eat your food, and you (the server) are going to serve me the food. It’s kind of awkward sometimes, but I’ll introduce myself to the waiter, “G’day…I’m Joel!”

Every time I do this, no matter what they’re doing, they light up! Try it sometime. Approach every single person you meet like they’re a human being; like they’re priceless; like they’re made in the image of God. Because when you start looking outward, you stop this nonsense of “woe is me” (an inward thing). I’m sure you’ve got troubles, I’ve got troubles. But when you look outward to other people, you look toward God. Then you will impact people positively and, in turn, your neighbor extraordinarily impacts you.

– Joel Smallbone (for King & Country)

Approach every single person you meet like they're a human being; like they're priceless; like they're made in the image of God. – Joel Smallbone Click To Tweet

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  1. I so agree with what you are saying. If we took a little time, if we cared enough about what the other person might be dealing with. My resolution for 2018 was to compliment instead of complain about how someone treated me. I am amazed at the reactions I have seen. There is a smile and joy. I get a double shot of joy. For myself for doing this and the reaction from the other people.

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