Julie Pierce – Promotions Director

Spouse – My husband and I met in college, at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, while working at the school’s radio station, WNZR.

Kids – My son, Spencer, is in college at MVNU and my daughter, Regan, is in high school. Not surprisingly, they both love music!

Pets – I love dogs, and we’ve had several pets through the years, from dogs, to hamsters and even some kind of tiny frogs, and all of them had names of characters from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (ha), but at present, we have no pets. That is always “subject to change”!

Testimony – I probably have one of the least dramatic testimonies you’ll ever read. I’m a “Pastor’s Kid”…you know…a “PK”. But I’m not one who ever rebelled or got “crazy” with my newfound freedom once I left home. I have definitely done a few things that I know God was not too pleased with, but nothing “tabloid worthy”…ha. I was young when I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and as a teen, I recommitted myself to Him. I’ve had painful experiences and disappointments in my life, and have been in more than one pit of despair’, but God always, always, ALWAYS pulls me out! So many times I’ve felt anxious about my circumstances, but He gets me through it or out of it, or just turns the whole thing around in a surprising way, that, once again, makes me realize I have no reason to ever doubt Him!