Home – Chris Tomlin

What does the word “home” make you feel?  Chris Tomlin hopes that when you hear his new song by that name, it creates a longing in you for something very specific….

Story behind “Home” by Chris Tomlin

The song Home has been quite a surprise for me. It was the one song I was thinking about not recording on this album. When I played it for friends they would be like, “Man I really like that song.” I was like, “Really?”

Thankfully, I listened to them and recorded the song. What I love the most about Home is the hope and life in the song. We all know that this world we are living in is not what it was meant to be, as the lyric say. It is filled with so much suffering, so much pain, so much sorrow and so much fear.

But, the beauty that this song points to, the hope that this song points to, is that one day Jesus is going to make it all right. God will make all things new and all the tears will be wiped away. No more sin. No more sorrow.

How amazing!  Chains will be broken off! One day we will see what it was all meant to be like and how God makes it all right. We’re living for that day!

I love the word home. I love what it means. It conjures up so much emotion in us.  Everybody has a feeling of home. And this song is pointing people to a Home that is not yet seen but one day will be.

Scripture says we see with the veil over our eyes, we see dimly but one day we’ll see it fully. That’s what this Home is all about.


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