How to Fix Backward Text on Facebook Live Videos

Fix backward text on Facebook Live Videos

If you’re reading this post you’ve probably dealt with text displaying backward while using your selfie camera, LIVE on Facebook. We’ve struggled with it too. LIVE video streaming is becoming more popular every day. We want to utilize this amazing technology, but when our logos display backward we cringe. When using our phone’s outside camera all our logos and text show up correctly, left-to-right. But once we flip (switch) to the selfie camera on our mobile phone, everything is backward like a mirror image. My first thought was to print things backward but I knew there had to be an easier way. 🤔

I began digging online and no surprise, we were not the only ones dealing with this dilemma. I began to ask myself, “Why hasn’t Facebook fixed this? As of April 2017 there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, you would think they would have a solution for fixing backward text while using the selfie camera.” Guess what?  They do! 😱

Facebook recently provided an app update, so I decided to look a little more into the new features. Look what I found! The fix for flipping the camera horizontally while Live on Facebook!!! It’s so easy! We wanted to share it with you so we can all say goodbye to reading right-to-left on Facebook LIVE videos. 😁

Fix backward text on Facebook Live Videos


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