God Cares About Little Things

Encouraging Thought from Brant Hansen

We’re totally obsessed with the big thing…Things that get big, successful and grow, they’re huge! Then you look at the Bible…read about what God is actually like and it’s something else. God really likes little things. I think this is great news!

Maybe you’re thinking God can’t possibly care about the little things in my life… who am I anyway? I’m not significant like these big time whatever, whatevers. Well here are just a few things pulled from the Bible.

God, you make sure every animal has the water it needs. You build a high place for the goats and hide the badgers in safety. You build homes for the birds in the branches of your trees. You cause the grass to grow, every blade as food for the livestock. And I like this one a lot…You water your worldwide garden of the tallest trees and smallest flowers.

That’s all just stuff from Psalms. You see, He cares about little things.

– Brant Hansen

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