Danny Gokey Finds Purpose In Crisis


What if the darkest, most difficult time in your life is where and when you’re going to find your purpose, and find the most hope…Hi I’m Julie Pierce from STAR 93.3’s Keep the Faith and I would love to share a story from STAR artist Danny Gokey. We got to know him as top three finalists on American Idol a couple of years ago but just before that he lost his first wife Sophia (she passed away). Danny knows what it’s like to go through a crisis and he wants to share how he found his purpose and hope, in the midst of all that pain. We hope you find this story uplifting and encouraging.

Finding Purpose In My Darkest Hour

Isn’t it interesting that I did find my purpose in my darkest hour! What we think was meant to destroy us, actually is going to make us…was actually going to be the platform that we step onto to make us into who we are. If we run away from those moments we never get to experience the destiny that God had placed through us.

I mean, Martin Luther King Jr. is only Martin Luther King Jr. because of the opposition he faced. Do you understand that? Abraham Lincoln is Abraham Lincoln because of what he faced. Jesus is Jesus, well-known throughout the entire world, because of the opposition that He faced. People who have comfortable lives, who only think about themselves, and are always trying to be in that comfort area…you never hear from.

– Danny Gokey

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Hope In Front Of Me

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