Cobb/Cinebistro Movie Tickets

You could win a pair of tickets to see a movie at The Cobb or Cinebistro Movie Theaters at Liberty Center!


Entry Form:

  • Some contests require you to be at least 18 years of age.

  • A good number to contact you at in case we have a question regarding your prize.
  • STAR 93.3 will notify you by email if you win!
  • If you win, STAR 93.3 will mail your prize. (unless otherwise noted)

  • STAR 93.3 General Contest Rules

Comments 7

  1. Love to listen to this station. My grandson even knows the songs! Makes every day uplifting. And I feel closer to God, worshiping every day. Thank you.

  2. Thank you 🌟 93.3 for being there for me! I listen every day on my drive to and from work and as I drive anywhere. My radio is always on 93.3 ! I started listening daily about 2 yrs ago. My son has drug addictions and it has been so hard to deal with. It is a daily struggle for him and for our family. I try so hard to stay hopeful for his recovery and not to be afraid. The only thing that keeps me from focusing on the fear is listening to Brant and singing and praying as I drive anywhere. Thank you for the daily encouragement and for prayers for my son that I posted on your prayer board!

  3. I have never been to the theater there… between work, the kids and church I rarely have time or money for my husband and I to get out, but we are blessed by the Lord to have our family. Great to be a listener!

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