I Just Need You – TobyMac Story

In this week’s Behind the Mic, TobyMac shares the story behind his song I Just Need You. It has become the norm to search for happiness within the world but at some point, those things tend to fail us. We hope you find hope in the story behind TobyMac’s song, I Just Need You. I Just Need You by TobyMac I don’t know how it …

I Can Only Imagine – The Movie

If you’ve been listening to STAR 93.3 you’ve probably heard MercyMe’s song I Can Only Image. Well, have you seen the movie based on the song? It’s about Bart’s journey and how the song, I Can Only Imagine, came to be. Get ready to get emotional…MercyMe’s guitarist, Mike Scheuchzer is going to share a little about the story in this Behind the Mic.

Resurrection Power by Chris Tomlin

In this week’s Behind the Mic, Chris Tomlin shares the story behind his new song “Resurrection Power”. It’s a great song for Easter and an amazing song for us personally. It helps remind us of what really is true.

Are We Human Beings or Human Doings?

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself, I need a break, maybe a vacation…a time to just rest. In this week’s Behind the Mic, Matt Maher shares the story behind his song Your Love Defends Me and being still.

3 Counter–Cultural Characteristics Christian’s Should Have

Somebody on Twitter asked Brant, “What do you think are the three most counter-cultural characteristics a Christian can show or have?” So Brant came up with his own list, it’s certainly not definitive by any stretch, it’s just one guy’s opinion.