Tired Of Carrying Around Low-Grade Guilt?

Tired of Carrying Guilt - Brant Hansen Show

Here’s a theory I have- maybe it’s true for you, or maybe it’s not. I feel like a lot of people are carrying around low-grade guilt all the time. I’m always suspecting deep down that God is disappointed with me. And the reason is that I’m not doing enough.

Danny Gokey Talks About Rising From A Dark Season

Most of us first saw Danny Gokey when he auditioned for the 8th season of American Idol just 4 weeks after the death of his first wife during a surgery intended to treat her congenital heart disease. That experience and others have played a big part in shaping the music Danny has brought to us since he placed third on American Idol.

Single Mother Finds Hope Through Christian Radio

We asked Laura to share a story with us about the impact of Christian radio. The story she shared reminded us what a difference this ministry is making. You never know what the person next to you is going through, what battle they’re facing and if they’re facing it alone.