Get To Know Hannah Kerr & The Story Behind Warrior

When was the last time you were totally dependent on God? Placed all of your hope in Him, trusting that He is strong and powerful enough for you? In this Behind the Mic, upcoming artist Hannah Kerr describes her heart behind her new song, Warrior. (listen to Warrior)

Story Behind “Warrior” from Hannah Kerr

The song Warrior is encouraging and empowering. I believe we all walk through times of hardship and darkness. We need to remember that our hope and strength is in Jesus Christ. Something that I love about this song is that it says “You’re not going to stop me, I’m a warrior.”.

Who Can Be A Warrior?

A student can be a warrior, a mom can be a warrior, a soldier fighting for their country can be a warrior, someone fighting an illness or a sickness can be a warrior, and you can be a warrior.

We keep hope alive when our hope is Jesus Christ. We don’t fight out of our strength nor from our own merit. What God has already done for us, makes us warriors. His strength is in our hearts. I hope you feel encouraged by my song Warrior.

Faith is my shield, Your love is the armor. I'm a warrior. -Hannah Kerr Click To Tweet

Kerr Siblings on the Road

Hannah and Michael Kerr are just like every other brother-sister duo out there… except that they get to tour the country together playing music! Get to know more about these goofy siblings as they chat about their latest on the road antics.

Warrior by Hannah Kerr

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