Jordan Feliz Interview at Winter Jam

We hope everyone had a BLAST at Winter Jam in Cincinnati! Julie and Brian went backstage, before the event, to ask Jordan some of your questions. You can watch the above video to see if Jordan answered your question. Plus, watch Jordan try to teach us some of his on-stage moves to take home. We hope you find this video encouraging and maybe a little humorous. Thank you for listening to STAR 93.3.

Jordan Feliz Responds to Listener Questions

Brian Curee: Here’s a question from Doney on Facebook.

What’s your life verse?

Jordan Feliz: It’s Ephesians 1.18, a prayer from Paul. He says. I pray that the eyes of your heart the very center and core of your being may be enlightened flooded with light by the Holy Spirit so that you will know and cherish the hope the divine guarantee and confident expectation to which he has called you that your future is wrapped up in the riches of his glorious inheritance and the Saints of God’s people.

Julie Pierce: Winter wants to know do you have any advice for teenagers?

What’s your best advice for teenagers?

Jordan Feliz: My advice to teenagers is to surround yourself in great community. For me, one of my biggest things was the people that were around me as I grew up. Those are the people that influenced me the most, outside of our families, and honestly those people are still my best friends today. They have encouraged me and kept me on the path since day one.

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“Witness” by Jordan Feliz

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  1. I just LOVE Jordan Feliz. His must is so inspirational and I know has not only touched me but many others. I’m thankful for the music and hard work you put into allowing us to all worship with you. I’m sure Satan tries to work his way into your life but you have all of us, your fans, that witness and pray for you and all of the artists that sing and praise our Mighty Father in Heaven. Don’t Ever stop and again, Thank you Hopefully we will see you again at Alive this yr and WJ 2019 God bless!

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