Danny Gokey Finds Purpose In Crisis


What if the darkest, most difficult time in your life is where and when you’re going to find your purpose, and find the most hope…Hi I’m Julie Pierce from STAR 93.3’s Keep the Faith and I would love to share a story from STAR artist Danny Gokey.

Skeptics Are Welcome

Brant Hansen Blog Post

You may be listening to STAR 93.3 for the first time, or maybe you’ve been around for awhile…At any rate, we’re so glad you’re here! It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or not, you’re welcome here. We talk about God a lot and we focus on Jesus. But if you’re somebody who’s kind of on the fence about …

Brant, Why Do You Think You Have Autism?

Brant Hansen Blog Post

Everyone has at least one less-than-ideal circumstance in their life that is challenging to them – whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. The question most people have is, “Why?”. Recently Brant Hansen was asked a similar question in regards to his autism and his response reminds us that even though we’re faced with challenges in life, that doesn’t mean we’ve done …

Good Dads Have Kids Who Have Scars

Mike Donehey - Good Dads Have Kids Who Have Scars

No one ever said parenting would be easy….or if they did, maybe they only had a 1 day old! One of the most surprising parenting challenges is the guilt. It’s unbelievable how much there is to feel guilty about! How you feed your children, what time you put them to bed, how you could’ve done better. No matter what you choose, …

Being Spiritually Tuned

Tuning Your Instrument - Being Spiritually Tuned - Brant Hansen

All relationships and friendships grow deeper and closer through spending time together. Brant Hansen shares how crucial it is to tune our hearts to God.

Four Habits Of Happy People

Four Habits of Happy People

I found a report about the “Four Habits of Happy People” and I find these really interesting. I’m not just throwing a Bible verse at you, it’s research, and not from a perspective of someone who follows Jesus. It’s data that confirms wisdom that was written down thousands of years ago, and is in the Bible!

Why Do We Punish Ourselves?


There is something weird about us humans. Maybe you’ve noticed. When we do the wrong thing, we know it’s wrong and we want to punish ourselves.

Tired Of Carrying Around Low-Grade Guilt?

Tired of Carrying Guilt - Brant Hansen Show

Here’s a theory I have- maybe it’s true for you, or maybe it’s not. I feel like a lot of people are carrying around low-grade guilt all the time. I’m always suspecting deep down that God is disappointed with me. And the reason is that I’m not doing enough.