Listener Stories

Sandy Brabson

I listened to Chris Tomlin this afternoon singing amazing Grace on the radio on STAR 93.3 while I was doing my chores and I was singing along with him and it felt good to me. It was like God was right there next to me.

Cynthia Ponchot
6 Months to Live

I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 6 months to live. After a massive surgery, I was sent home to die, or so I thought. My only light in the darkness was Christian Radio. It was in 2008 when "I Will Praise Him in the Storm" became popular. Christian Radio is what brought the light back into my spirit and after refusing treatment of any kind, God healed me. I now help others and always say, "Turn your radio on to Praise and Worship music... it is powerful!!

Sandy Brabson
My Eyes

I went to the eye doctors and found out that I am going blind and that I have Fuchs`dystrophy where it attacks your cornea. But I am going to keep listening to STAR 93.3 every day and keep getting stronger.

Thank You For The Gift of Christmas

Thank you soooooooo much for the continuing Christmas music beginning after Halloween and continuing after Christmas. I was so happy to turn on the radio on December 26th to find Christmas music still playing. So many radio stations cut it off at midnight on Christmas night, and it's a little depressing that the beautiful and happy Christmas music has ended for another year, along with the goodwill and kindness that you see during this blessed time of year. THANKS!

So Blessed

I'm a hospice nurse working with patients and their families in their homes to ease the burden and stress of the dying process. I listen to STAR 93.3 all day long in my car and at work when I am in my office. I love you guys! The positive and encouraging messages you all provide and the awesome music lifts me up every minute of every day! I don't know how people who don't know the Lord make it through these turbulent times. Thank you for all you do and I love the christian Christmas music!!

Matthew Marcum
Call to Missions

As I listen day after day to 93.3 in my home office I am encouraged in this exciting and challenging new season in my family's life. We accepted the call to serve in missions a few weeks ago, choosing to join Cru campus ministry to bring Christ to this generation. God has challenged us in the past to sponsor Children through compassion, whom we pray for daily. He later called us to adopt from Ethiopia, and now we step forward once more in faith. Praise the Lord!

Ms. Smith
Hostile Work Environment

My current work environment is considered Hostile/Harrassment by most people I talk to. It's a cubicle setting and a few coworkers make my days miserable, no matter how much I try to come into work with a smile on my face and tell everyone good morning. These two run back and forth to each others cube whispering, laughing and trying to catch me making errors to make me look bad. Management has addressed it in meetings but they still do it. I listen 6AM - 6:45am. May it help others.


Thank you Brant for sharing about your depression this morning. It was one of those mornings that was hard for me to get out of bed. God used you to minister to me today. Thank you so much.

Jacob McGeorge
My Story: Church or Prison

Growing up was hard for me. I was abused in every way a human can be and was really depressed and suicidal. At 14, I lost my father unexpectedly and after that I started to use alcohol and other means to mask the pain and anger I had bottled up inside. By the time I was 17, I had went so deep in sin that it was church or prison and I chose church. Jesus gloriously saved me on 10/26/08 and now I am called to sing and preach the gospel. Christ literally saved my life and now I couldn't be happier!

God's Great Gift is Love

Love STAR 93.3, I've a listener since 2003, after my Dad died. It's uplifting music that let's you know God cares. Love the Christmas music also!

Brighten my day!

Hi,I just wanted to share that I have been going through a really rough time and was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and also I had my first seizure 2 months ago. I have asked God so many time why me ? I was listening to depression music and feeling sorry for myself. When I happened to just run across the radio station trying to find music to listen to. I heard O'holly night by Josh Groban, and at that point I wiped my tears and smiled. I knew things would get better!

Angels Coat

My name is Stephen Bullimore, I am 15 yrs old and I was born with an esophagus mashed in my ribs.I have had 184 surgeries (no exaggeration) and I wanted to say that through all of them God has let me wear an angels coat to protect me all my life. I was supposed to die at 2 yrs old but I am the oldest surviving person with all of my problems. A man gave me a machine he had made for his late son so I could live on. I am forever grateful to this man and I wish I could thank him and God.