Listener Stories

Believing in God more.

Since I started listening to STAR 93.3 and your music I started to love myself more and believing in God more. Thank you!

Alica Penn a threat?

Thought you might get a kick out of this; my 11 year old daughter and I listen to your radio show every morning before school, and one day last week she asked me why Alica Penn is so dangerous. When I asked what she meant, she said "every day they say 'keeping you and your family safe from Alica Penn'" . Now I hear it that way every time and laugh, and I bet you will too!

The Review

This is a story of God's faithfulness. When I think of God's faithfulness I think about my job that I have been blessed with for almost eight years. Also of overcoming depression and anxiety through a divorce. The help of family and friends during that time. Jesus still having plans for me not being done with me. Starting to realize my worth and all Jesus did for me and still is doing. And the Lord showing me how to respect myself and others. Hope this story encourages those who read it.

Prayers Do Come True

Recently met a gentleman whom has become a wonderful
friend. Things after three months are progressing better than
expecting. I am no longer afraid to open my heart to someone again. With his patience and GODs love, a wonderful relationship is developing.

How God Healed Me

It was Christmas evening and I was Having a lot of pain in my chest,it was hard to walk because I couldn't breathe. A good friend was with me and he told me I think your are having a heart attack. I was so scared. They were saying congestive heart failure and a heart attack, kept thinking that's what killed my mother. I began to tell God in the name of Jesus help me. Instantly a feeling of intense heat overcame me, at that moment I was healed. One month later all was back to normal. Praise God

Robert Sano
Prayer works

In July of 2015 I was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3 it didn't look that great and I was scared. I knew that things could go bad and I may have to face death but I realized it wasn't my call it was Gods and sometimes God says no and sometimes God says yes. For me he said yes so I guess I still have something else to do here on this earth but I am grateful to be alive today and I know that it was my prayers. PS I love your radio station it is very uplifting and keeps my battery charged. Thank you.

I Accepted Christ 13 Years Ago

My grandma Flo got me into music since i was a baby almost 29yrs ago. I love lord Jesus so much He has given me a wonderful family and a new wonderful family members I will always love and cherrish them always and I love them so much.

30 Day Challenge

I've really been struggling lately. The first sunday of this year my pastor suggested switching our radios to a christian station for a while and see if it makes a difference. Where I sit at my job, I can only get one faint oldie station. That monday when I plugged my headphones in, my radio had been tuned to Star 93.3 and it was coming in perfectly. I thought, now if they play my favorite song. You DID! I'll never change the station as long as it comes in. I see a huge difference.

God's Grace

I was homeless in August 2015. Me and my son's father was going from one hotel to the next and was starting to lose hope and our faith in God. I had lost my job and he had lost his. We were afraid that our son would be taken away from us. Then we got a call saying we'd been approved for an apartment. My son's father found a job in his career. I had to leave mine but I still believe God has and plane for me. My life is not fallen apart, its fallen into place.

My 30 day Challenge

I started listening to 93.3 around November because it was the key station that played Christmas music before December. Then I started hearing snippets from the Brant Hansen show, and I found myself listening more and more. I can truly say this station is uplifting and powerful. I've started to love myself more and realize how worthy of God's love I am. I never identified as a Christian before, but I truly feel myself becoming more and more of believer.

Love is STAR 93.3

Love is STAR 93.3! I've been reading through the listener stories and the prayer request on here and listening to the music and it makes me feel loved and that someone does care about me and that is God and you STAR 93.3

Sandy Brabson

I listened to Chris Tomlin this afternoon singing amazing Grace on the radio on STAR 93.3 while I was doing my chores and I was singing along with him and it felt good to me. It was like God was right there next to me.