Listener Stories

this is my story

I started listening to STAR 93.3 around 1990 and I found myself listening more and more. I have started to love myself more and it helped me with my depression. My depression got really bad and I had suicidal thoughts. When I listen to your radio station my depression got better and now I believe in God more!

You're making a difference in me

Hi! I'm Sharnel and I'm a 40 year old mother that is disabled. I live in Milford, OH. I suffer with depression, anxiety and chronic pain everyday. I carry a heavy weight each day because of the past and I want to thank you for your station and the positive and refreshing atmosphere you provide. It brings a since of peace for me and helps me remember that I'm not alone and that God is with me. Thank you and God bless! ❤️

Our Tough Journey

My short story- God has kept me sober since October 5th, 2008. I am married to my dream guy and have a wonderful stepson, Ty, who is 11. We lost my mother in law to ALS (after battling breast cancer) in Feb 2015. We started trying for a baby of our own after getting married Sept 6th, 2014. We found out that I had complications which leaves us with IVF as our only way to conceive. It's extremely scary, financially, but we are trusting God and sharing with the hopes of helping others go through it.

Heaven is for real!

My daughter passed away this year, my sweet baby (even at 44) was such a fighter. Her last days were not in vain. =She trusted God's healing POWER to the very end. She touched so many lives and let her world know about the love of Jesus. The Lord used her sickness to bless other peoples lives. My precious son in law had a vision for Celebrating her life. Together they made the arrangements. It was a celebration. We can not wait to walk the streets of Gold w.Jesus, Cari. All our loves!!

Never doubt God

I was 11 weeks along when my Mom tried to have an abortion. 5 months later I was thought to be brain-dead at birth. As I grew, I proved everyone wrong. I had to use speech software to talk, and God gave me the gift to program it to sing. My work made it possible for other disabled people to sing.

I now have Leukemia and I'm glad I found your station. Brant and Sherri make me smile as I now deal with health issues.

Miracle baby

After having my son back in 2007 with complications the doctors decided to have my tubes scarred and ablation done so I couldn’t have anymore children. Nov. 2015 I found out I was pregnant. Turned out I was 22 weeks pregnant. 13 days later had my daughter at 23 weeks at 1 lb. 1 oz. She beat the odds of 5% survival and now is 12 lbs. She’s happy, gorgeous & healthy.

He has done great things.

I am the mother of former conjoined twin girls. By the grace of God they have beaten the odds and survived. Today they inspire and bring smiles to many faces, including mine. I would sit in my vehicle and listen to Star 93.3. This helped me release some emotions and recharge for whatever was next. God has preformed miracle after miracle on their behalf. I am one blessed momma.

It's a marathon not a sprint.

I once was firm in my belief and devout to the Lord. I fell in love and got engaged to someone whom turned out to be a decision that allowed me to stray away. My life filled with sin and that is all I knew and could see. Recently I've been battling to get back on path and last week while driving to work I was listening to this radio station and I was so moved to tears I felt the Holy Spirit for the first time in years. A closed heart won't feel the presence. Stay open. Give love.


I deal with chronic pain everyday and due to that there are times I physically just can not get to work. So do to that I struggle to just pay my rent and get groceries. I have been blessed that God has always provide for me. Each day on my way to work and coming home from work I listen to Star 93.3 it always reminds me God is there and will continue to always provide a way for me. One day I have faith God will heal my pain I have 24/7.

You Lifted My Spirit

I had been feeling low and disappointed when I received a letter from STAR 93.3 saying I had won passes to Spirit Song at Kings Island. My kids and I were ecstatic and my husband surprised. Soon after, I realized the tickets were for Thursday, which meant I would have to handle all 3 kids by myself and even worse- it was going to be rainy. My excitement reduced but fortunately I decided not to waste the tickets and guess what? We had a BLAST! Thank you STAR for being God's instrument of joy.

My World Didn't Fall Apart

I lost my mom on April 10th, 2015; 19 days before my 23rd birthday & less then 1 month before graduating college. Everything was incredibly sudden & unexpected. I was named executor of the estate & responsible for everything. I remember being in shock & then the panic set in. I hadn't even started my life yet & I was terrified. I grew up going to church off & on. I turned on 93.3 & "Just Be Held" was on & it gave me an incredible sense of peace & calm, in the same way Jesus does. Thank you.

Persuit to a new future

I have lived with epilepsy my whole entire life since I was 10-months old. I had severe grand-mal seizures and lost faith in myself. It was one of the hardest things to deal with. After being blessed by God and making it through my brain surgery, faith fell right into my arms. I never thought I would be behind the wheel of a vehicle or even out on my own with my own house. Being 27 I'm proud to say I've been blessed and on 8/12/16 it will be 2yrs since my last episode. I thank God, UC & Mayfield