Listener Stories

Last Breath

My brother lost his fight against cancer December 14th. He was diagnosed in early October. His cancer was aggressive and stage 4. As the end drew near and with everyone gathered. We decided to pray the rosary. The mystery for Friday’s is the sorrowful mysteries and we thought no way! We said the Joyful mysteries. During the end of the last prayer, Joe took his last breath. We felt God’s presences so strongly and Joe’s soul rising to heaven. I believe that was God’s gift to us.

Lies we tell ourselves

I travel to Cincinnati once a week & was looking forward to hearing your Christmas music 11/1. I heard the comment of the radio announcer on Wed morning about how he’s lived with depression from a young age. I too have suffered my entire life & it is always with me, even though I too try to workout on a daily basis & eat in moderation. I’ve never heard anyone have a story like mine! You really comforted me to know I am not alone! Thank you!

Halloween tags

I printed your Halloween tags to give out with the candy last night and I have to tell you what a blessing! A lot of kids wanted to know what was on the paper right away and read them out loud, they enjoyed them and one little girl said "how nice" and her parents thanked me. Another little girl told me she listed to Star 93.3 also. A boy around 12 or 13 read his out loud and I think it said you are divinely made and he whispered "I am". These tags were such a blessing to the children and me!

Why me

Driving and even if came on. Coming from a visit with daughter in anorexia treatment and daughter next to me in extreme pain due to an incurable disease. Cry why me and God says I'm always here even in tough times, the song playing was a reminder.


I am finally taking the time to say how very Thankful I am for Star. I listen to you every day that I am in my van.
It is my time praising Jesus and being encouraged. I started listening several years ago because of the
Christmas music and have Never changed. God Bless each and every one of you there working at the station.
I am so excited that the Christmas Music is coming on soon.

I tell everyone about your station.
God Bless and Merry Christmas.

16 years waiting

16 years ago me and my wife got married and wanted to have children! We were told by several doctors we wouldn’t be able to have children! We got tons of prayers and several prophecies that we would have children! But years went by and still nothing me and my wife just about gave up hope! I heard a song on the radio by Tenth Avenue North called “Control” it really spoke truth to my wife and my situation! Giving God control was what we needed to do and last month our miracle boy was born!!

Mark was a hero

My friend , Mark Uptain was a hunting guide in Wyoming . He had just finished dressing an elk for his client . Two bears came running down the hill after him and his client . A sow grizzly attacked and bit his client when Mark yelled at the bear to get her attention . The bear redirected her attack toward Mark and attacked him while Marks client got away. As it turns out Mark was attacked by both bears and found the next day. Mark was a strong Christian, survived by 5 kids and his wife.

God saved us!

My husband and I have been married for 10 years now. And during those years, many family members around us were divorcing and the enemy had a plan for my marriage as well but God said not so! I'd decided to write my husband a letter expressing to him my hurts, disappointments, and anything else that came to mind. He didn't receive it too well at 1st. But then he expressed himself in response. Then and only then was I able to see God's plan and hand on us. When you feel all hope is lost Trust God


Sometimes I don't have the words to express my feelings to God. Then, a song will play at the right time with the right lyrics. I love how I can use that song to speak to Jesus. I recently spent most of my days in a vehicle alone. I thank God for the inspirational and encouraging music and words of Star 93.3. They really helped me make it through a difficult time in my life. I am very grateful.
To God be the Glory!

Duanna Brown
Duanna Brown
Encouragement through the songs you play

It's not a story, but it's when I started listening to your program. The music is very encouraging. And when times I have gone through the battles, a song would come on the air, and it would confirm what God is saying to me.

Thank you for the encouragement. I want to do more for God.

I love art. I won't go to any detail, but God has been my Artist, I am drawing things I love to draw, and I thought of Taylor, here's a picture of what I drew: The Cross, Holy Spirit, etc.

My Favorite Christmas present

My favorite Christmas present was one I gave.
In 2005 my girlfriend spent Christmas with me. She had told me when she was a little girl she had always wanted a big, yellow dump truck for Christmas.
Her mother refused saying trucks are for boys.
We exchanged gifts and I gave her the truck last.
She opened it and burst into tears and cried for 10 minutes.
I taped it but can't watch it because I still love her even tho we are no longer together.
But it is still my best Christmas memory.

Scott Meeker
Influence on my kids

I just started a new appointment. On my first day, in my new office, there was a radio. I asked my youngest, who is 6, if he wanted me to turn the radio on and he said "Yes! We can put on Star 93.3". Thanks for being a great inspiration and influence to my family!