Listener Stories

Greg Kelsey
God heals a man and walks without shots.

Over 10 years ago, I moved to Union, It. I called pain mgt centers and I began to get shots so I could walk again. In a short time, they said no more shots…I laid in bed for two days, I prayed and the next day God healed me and I could walk again!

We Started Listening

If it wasn’t for my mom I would not know who God was.Ever since my mom became a believer in God we started listening to your radio station. Now every night I go to bed I have to turn the radio on because without the radio we can’t go to sleep, and sometimes I’ll listen to the sermon with my mom before I go to bed. The music and the sermons help me to do better because the words they say. How people overcome things in there life and it helps me a lot, that’s my story.

He knows just how to surprise you

As I was driving down the street & thinking about the changes I needed to make in order to have a fulfilled life, I turned on the radio & 93.3 came on. The song playing was called Comeback & the man sang about falling down & getting back up exactly like I’m trying to do. Then the woman speaking commented, “Wasn’t that a great song Mariah?” She said my name twice after that, almost in a jokingly knowing way. He couldn’t have come at a better time or in a more amazing and eye opening way. LETGODIN

Stuck in traffic

I drive from So. Indiana to work north of Cincinnati. I hate traffic, the way other people drive, I don’t understand the daily stop and go traffic on the interstate. Sitting in stopped traffic again yesterday morning on 275, I looked up at the semi in front of me and written in the dust on a mudflap was this -Jesus Christ Saves- from Hal. Jesus saved me. My name is Hallie. Wow! I spent the down time thanking God for this message. It helped me reset my mood the rest of the day. GOD has this!

Miracle baby girl

In 2008 I was fixed due to complications with my pregnancy after my son was born. On Nov 16, 2015 I found out I was 22 weeks pregnant and on Nov 25, 2015 I had my daughter at 23 weeks by emergency c section due to my water breaking. She was 1 lb 1 oz and smallest ever at Good Sam Hospital Cincinnati. She had eye, heart and lung issues and now at 18 months she is perfectly healthy. God gave me this miracle child because doctors had no clue how I was able to carry her, she’s a gift from above.

Life’s test

If life is a test I wonder how many people would pass. I took a test with instructions to read the entire paper before I began. It went something like this: 1. Put your name on the top of the page. 2. Do not erase any answers. 3. Draw a square. etc. The last question said only complete # 1. Too late, I already answered them all and couldn’t erase. I should’ve listened. Thank God Jesus is the ultimate eraser! He took life’s test for me and my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!

God took me off the trash pile!

I am a survivor of physical, mental and sexual abuse at the hand of my father. As a result, I am bipolar and have fibromyalgia. I am in pain every day. I see a Christian counselor and am on a lot of medication. But the reason I find joy in every day is my relationship with Christ. His love reached down to that neglected, hurt little girl and filled her with hope. I had a brother that showed me the unconditional love my parents were incapable of showing me. God never let me go! Praise Him


My wife and I were preparing to retire last evening. I turned the lights out, and my wife started to pray. I was going to pray and then said I’ll wait for her to finish, as though God would not hear me at the same time. I chuckled, and said that’s silly. I then had a thought that I had not considered before. There are billion’s of people praying to Him at the same time, and HE hears each and every one of them, and answers them all. Do we not honor, and serve an awesome God!

April Amann
Hillary Scott song

I have dealt with a lot of grief and when I listen to “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott it brings me peace that I can have closure to keep my faith firs.t I’m a fighter & God has a plan for me!

God works in funny ways sometimes…

I’ve been listening & enjoying STAR 93.3 nearly exclusively over a year now (enjoy some Country Music). Prior, I listened to KLOVE and had no intention of switching. My hands were full when going out to watch my grandson play & I dropped my radio. It looked ok & I snapped the corner of the back into place, only to find out I couldn’t tune in to anything beside STAR 93.3. Hence, His funny way, & now I’m a STAR listener and big fan of the music, artists and especially Brant Hansen & Sherry, and others!

My story

In 2007 my dad became deathly ill. He had MRSA and had gone septic. He had a fever of 107 for 3 weeks. Dr’s told us to look at funeral arrangements because he wouldn’t make it. I remember driving to the hospital one day, it was raining outside and I heard the lyrics in the radio “I will praise you in three storm” I looked at the physical storm I was in but also the storm with my dad, I knew God was with me, he was with us. 4 additional weeks in a coma my dad pulled through. God is good!

When Hope Seems Invisible

My name is Jena, and I’m from a small town in Indiana. I’m 23, I have an amazingly sweet 1yr old son and have recently been separated from my husband. I’ve been left with over $10,000 in medical bills for both my son and I, a $20,000 vehicle, and no place to stay. God has blessed me with a good steady job, but it’s a day to day struggle to pay for housing, food, and bills on my own. Your station makes an impact on my heart daily when there seems no hope. Thank you for constant encouragement!