STAR 93.3 July Share with TWR

STAR 93.3 Has Partnered With Trans World Radio

This July, you’ll not only have the opportunity of encouraging lives right here in the Tri-State through your prayer and financial support but, you’ll also be encouraging the people of Cuba with the message of hope.

Why Cuba?

More than 50 years of communism has many Cubans questioning the atheism they were taught in school. Many Cubans are looking beyond the government for answers to their spiritual loneliness.

Cubans need to hear about the hope you’ve discovered. But you simply cannot build a Christian station in Cuba.

You support will not only fuel STAR 93.3 to continue broadcasting the message of hope in the Tri-State but, you will help Upgrade Trans World Radio’s signal into Cuba allowing God’s Word to be heard like TWR’s station is right there in Cuba.

July Share’s Goal

The goal is 120 people at $35 per month to fuel STAR 93.3 in July and to help Trans World Radio reach the people of Cuba with the message of HOPE.

3 Ways You Can Partner with STAR 93.3

  2. CALL 888.542.9393
  3. CALL #250 & Say “STAR”
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