Jeff Evans – Programming Director

Spouse – I met my wife Christie back in pre-school. I told my mom one day when she picked me up from school that I was going to marry Christie one day… and I did! Our anniversary is February 6, 1999!

Kids – We have 4 amazing kids! Two girls and two boys…Ashley 21, Taylor 18, Austin 14 and Michael 10

Pets – We have an over sized weenie dog – Snickers! He’s not overweight… he’s just well loved!

Testimony – I grew up in church, but it wasn’t until I met my wife Christie that I realized that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I always believed in God, but never realized I needed to confess my sins and ask him into my heart. I grew up very much thinking that the harder I worked at pleasing God and trying to obey his commandments, the more likely I was to make it into heaven. My wife helped me understand that it’s not about works. It’s about having a personal relationship with Him and asking Him to live in you heart and forgive your sins!