Four Habits Of Happy People

Four Habits of Happy People

I found a report about the “Four Habits of Happy People” and I find these really interesting. I’m not just throwing a Bible verse at you, it’s research, and not from a perspective of someone who follows Jesus. It’s data that confirms wisdom that was written down thousands of years ago, and is in the Bible!

Are You More Likely To Be Fearful?


Do you ever feel like you’re suffering the effects of information overload? I do. I’m always overthinking and overanalyzing everything, and it’s exhausting! What about you? The truth is, this can affect our relationship with God. On that note, here’s some encouragement from author Andy Andrews. The Difference between Wisdom & Knowledge I believe that information can be a great …

Hear What Outcry Means To Kim Walker-Smith & Lauren Daigle

Kim Walker-Smith, with Jesus Culture, and Lauren Daigle, share their story about what Outcry means to them. What Outcry Means to Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture “You know there’s so many people that come to the Outcry tours. Believers, nonbelievers, worship pastors and youth pastors. There’s just so many people in so many different places and it’s such a beautiful picture that …