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ALL-STAR Team Positions

Street Team Member

If you like interacting with the public and having fun with games and giveaways, this is the role for you. STAR 93.3 loves to be at concerts and special events and it takes prep work and planning to make a great impression. If you are creative and energetic then this is where you need to be.

  • Commitment: Minimum 1 date a month approx. 3-4 hours
  • Responsibilities: Set up STAR 93.3 display at pre-arranged location in the community (shopping mall, business, church, festival, etc), interact with the public, represent the station in a professional manner, invite non-listeners to tune in, pass out literature, play games, etc. Set up and tear down display.
  • *Must be able to lift minimum 25 pounds
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Do you enjoy capturing memories or moments? Do you have an eye for taking quality pictures and videos? This is the role for you!

  • Commitment: A chunk of time to get started and then minimum 1-2 events per month
  • Responsibilities: Coordinate with All STAR team members to be at select events throughout the year. Capture pictures, videos, etc to share with the STAR 93.3 audience utilizing social media or other outlets as specified. Photos must be edited and appropriate size. Maintain STAR93.3's photograph archives and/or create accompanying videos as needed. Special projects may arise from time to time.
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Prayer and Encouragement Team

Do you like to lift people up, make them feel good, and let them know they are appreciated? What a great way to share God's love with others. Do you consider yourself an intercessor? Do you like to call on the power of God to have His way in our lives and pour out His blessings? If your answer is "yes!", we would consider it an honor to have you on our prayer and/or encouragement team.

  • Commitment: One or more hours per week, from home or at the station.
  • Responsibilities: (Prayer Team) You will receive prayer requests from listeners and staff members several times a week. Prayer requests must be kept confidential. Some will be personal and some will be specific to fulfilling the mission of STAR 93.3. Please pray when possible for requests submitted.
  • Responsibilities: (Encouragement Team) Write thank you notes to volunteers for their service, send out reminders to those with upcoming serving roles, reach out to individuals in the community who are making a difference.
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Several times a year STAR 93.3 holds fundraisers to increase listener support. Positions for these fundraisers vary and will be made available 2 months in advance to the fund drive. Some opportunities include: telephone operator, envelope stuffing, catering assistant...

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Administrative Duties

Do you like to chat with others while being productive? Each month we send out donor thank you's and reminders for the financial gifts we receive along with other tasks that come up from time to time. "Many hands make light work". We'd love your help!

  • Commitment: 2-3 hours one day a month. Must be done at STAR 93.3.
  • Responsibilities: You will need to come to the radio station to assist with administrative duties as they arise. Short, sweet, simple yet very necessary and impactful.
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